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A full copy of the proceedings can be downloaded here

The full copy of the proceedings is a PDF document (over 130 MBs). It includes the full papers from the poster and "Fast and Furious" sessions.

Individual papers can be dowloaded from the links below.


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

UAV Session

Calvin Hung - A Novel Vision-based Tree Crown and Shadow Detection Algorithm using imagery from an Unmanned Airborne Vehicle

Arko Lucieer - Using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for ultra-high resolution mapping of Antarctic moss beds

Mitch Bryson - An Unmanned Airborne System for Vision-based Mapping and Classification in Ecological Monitoring Applications

Tariq Abuhashim - Vision-based Terrain Modelling and Ecology Change Detection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Session Keynote: Richard Lucas

An overview of the ALOS PALSAR for terrestrial applications

John Armston - ALOS PALSAR backscatter mosaics for Queensland, Australia: The impact of surface moisture and incidence angle

Arnon Accad - Mapping the extent and growth stage of woody regrowth following clearing through integration of ALOS PALSAR and Landsat-derived Foliage Projected Cover (FPC)

Vegetation (Mapping)

Session Keynote: Richard Thackway

Innovations and trends in mapping and monitoring Australia's vegetation - abstract

Adam Roff - Object-based native vegetation mapping of the Murray catchment

Nicholas Cuff - Vegetation Survey and Mapping of the McArthur River Catchment, Northern Territory


Photogrammetry 1

Clive Fraser - Georeferencing Performance of 50cm-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Simon Collings - Radiometric Calibration of Very Large Digital Aerial Mosaics

Karim Hammoudi - Generating Raw Polygons of Street Facades from a 2D Urban Map and Terrestrial Laser Range Data

Noor Raziq - SPAN-CPT - A Low Cost Alternative IMU For Airborne Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing




Carl Menges - Evaluation of IFSAR Data for Hydrological and Ecological Applications in the Murray-Darling Basin

Anthea Mitchell - Mapping Inundation Patterns in Semi-Arid Wetland Environments Using Multiband Radar: Macquarie Marshes, NSW

Tishampati Dhar - Estimation of Pature Biomass and Soil-Moisture using Dual-Polarimetric X and L Band SAR – Accuracy Assesment with Field Data

Jung Yu - Radargrammetry and Interferometry SAR for DEM generation



Richard Lucas - On the estimation of above ground biomass from ALOS PALSAR backscatter data for forests and woodlands in Queensland, Australia

Daniel Clewley - Retrieval of forest structure and biomass from ALOS PALSAR and Landsat derived FPC using backscatter inversion

Anthea Mitchell - Forest type and degradation mapping in Tasmania using ALOS PALSAR data

Osamu Isoguchi - Generation of Decadal global high resolution L-band SAR dataset for Forest Carbon Tracking

Richard Lucas - Retrieval of forest biomass and detection of degradation from logging in Indonesia using ALOS PALSAR data


Umair Rabbani - Spatial Quantification of Crop Water Stresses using Remote Sensing

Marcelo Stabile - Development and comparison of two models of land-use change

Simone Grounds - Mapping in a dynamic state: Operational land use mapping for a rather large area

Matthew Pringle - Using Landsat imagery to identify consistently small-yielding sub-regions of wheat fields

Owen Maguire - Interpretation Of High Resolution Digital Aerial Photography In A Digital 3D Environment To Map Vegetation Communities from a Pre-existing Classification



Linlin Ge - Assessment of SRTM, ACE2 and ASTER-GDEM using RTK-GPS

Rob Clout - From Imagery to Point Clouds – A new technique for DEM generation

Seyed Miri - 3D mapping from ALOS-PRISM imagery in the Darwin Glacier, Antarctica

Leanne Mills - Fly Once, Use Many: Creating Multipurpose Imagery



Mahdi Motagh - TerraSAR-X analysis of landslide and glacier kinematics in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia

Scot Hensley - UAVSAR’s Multi-Squint Mode for Deformation and Vegetation Studies

Rattanasuda Cholathat - Monitoring Geologic Carbon Sequestration (GCS) with satellite radar remote sensing

Jack Scott - Synthetic Aperture Radar an essential remote sensing tool

Linlin Ge - Integrated SAR Interferometry and Ground Survey for Illegal Mining Monitoring



Osamu Isoguchi - Development of semi-automated system based on PALSAR data for forest mapping at regional scale

Richard Lucas - Characterisation and Monitoring of Mangroves using ALOS PALSAR data

Liam Gumley - Aqua and Terra Direct Broadcast Product Applications



Kathryn Sheffield - Vegetation health and water use characteristics of riparian vegetation derived from remotely sensed data

Gabriele Caccamo - Assessing drought based on vegetation water status using remote sensing in the Sydney Basin bioregion, Australia

Sushana Karki - Vegetation and channel changes in the Daly River Catchment



Linlin Ge - The 2009 Montara oil spill in the Timor Sea as observed by earth observation satellites

Linlin Ge - Intergrated remote sensing for monitoring the 2010 Toorale - Louth Flood in New South Wales, Australia

Phil Woodbury - Land and Property Management Authority: Rapid Response Imagery


Wednesday, 15 September 2010



Andrew Mellor - Retrospective fuel hazard mapping of the Victorian Central Highlands using lidar data

Brendon McAtee - Incorporating Real Time Simulation of Bushfires into the FireWatch Operational Environment

Kaighin McColl - Mapping Bushfire Risk Using Multi-Satellite Obversations

Linlin Ge - Monitoring the 2009 Victorian bushfires with multi-temporal and coherence ALOS PALSAR images



Peter Scarth - Tracking grazing pressure and climate interaction - the role of Landsat fractional cover in time series analysis

Michael Schmidt - Fractional ground cover monitoring in Queensland for improved pastures and agricultural areas

Adam Kilpatrick - Premise testing of a methodology using models: rangeland monitoring using remotely sensed cross-fence comparisons

Daniel Tindall - Legislation, policies and research: Queensland Remote Sensing Centre supporting Great Barrier Reef conservation and management initiatives



Session Keynote - John Le Marshall

50 Years of Satellite Meteorology: 1960 - 2010

Ian Grant - Investigating archival Geostationary meteorological data for tropical cyclone re-analysis



Session Keynote - Alfredo Huete

Remote Sensing of Tropical Forest Phenology: Issues and Controversies

Kazimierz Becek - A Model of Tropical Rain Forest Depletion in Brunei Darussalam



Maria Tattaris - Multi-instrument remote sensing of smoke and heat emissions from Northern Territory savanna bushfires

Nicholas Goodwin - Classifying burnt area extent and timing using a dense twenty year time series of Landsat imagery

Raymond Bell - Utility of a remote sensing satellite constellation for worldwide wild fire monitoring

Todd Hoefen - Surficial Material Mapping of Post-Burn Areas using AVIRIS and HyMap Data


GEOLOGY - ISPRS Workshop 1 Towards Global Geoscience Maps Forum

Matilda Thomas - ASTER geoscience tools for Australia: applications for regional mapping

Trude King - Resource Mapping in Afghanistan Using HyMap Data



Leo Lymburner - Australia’s first national dynamic land cover map

Achim Roeder - Mapping syndromes of land use change based on hypertemporal remote sensing data and socio-economic information



Yann Chemin - SAM-ET model development at 10cm spatial resolution from a UAV

Yann Chemin - Daily high-resolution ET from remote sensing using evolutionary algorithms

Mohsin Hafeez - An Australian Algorithm for ET: SAM-ET

Pardhasaradhi Teluguntla - Estimation of Long-Term Evapotranspiration using AVHRR in the Krishna River Basin, India


Peter Scarth - If you climb up a tree, you must climb down the same tree. But how high was it?

Peeter Worsley - Application of eCognition® for softwood plantation resource assessment at the stand and tree scale using lidar and digital camera data in NSW

Andrew Mellor - Remote sensing Victoria’s State forest – a two-tiered synoptic approach



Session Keynote - Clive Fraser

Lan-Wei Wang - Evaluation of Digital Surface Models (DSMs) generated from ALOS PRISM data

Clive Fraser - Georeferencing from ALOS PRISM Imagery via Long-Strip Adjustment



Todd Hoefen - Calibration of HyMap Data Covering the Country of Afghanistan

Raymond Kokaly - Spectroscopic Remote Sensing for Material Identification and Mapping

Mal Jones - Hyperspectral mineral maps and mineralisation at Mount Dore, Cloncurry district, Queensland

Thomas Cudahy - Publicly available 3D mineral mapping of the upper <1 km of the Australian landmass using drill core and remote sensing technologies



Andrew Clark - Operational use of annual Landsat-5 TM and Landsat-7 ETM+ image time-series for mapping wooded extent and foliage projective cover in north-eastern Australia

Achim Roeder - Characterizing landscape properties in Southeastern Spain by combining classification and multi-date spectral mixture analysis

Jasmine Muir - Using Remote Sensing to Map the Invasive Weed Prickly Acacia (Acacia Nilotica SSP. Indica) in the Mitchell Grass Downs Bioregion

Ian Grant - Assessment of grassland curing across Australia with MODIS for operational bushfire managementdrill core and remote sensing technologies



Paul Rampant - Thermal aerial survey of feral animals in Western Australia’s southwest forests

Annmarie Mabarrack - Using Airborne Thermal Infrared Sensors to Survey Feral Camels

Antonius Schut - Characterizing ecosystem habitats on granite outcrops



David Moore - Sampling Channel Form and Riparian Vegetation across the Murray Darling Basin using full waveform LiDAR

Mostafa Esmaeili - The comparison between the Persistent Scatterer (PS) and Small Baseline (SBAS) Interferometry for long-term subsidence monitoring in plain aquifers of Iran

Yingxin Zuo - Using Passive and Active Remote Sensing in Combination with GIS for Bushfire Detection

John Trinder - Voxel-Based Volume Modelling of Individual Trees Using Terrestrial Laser


Thursday, 16 September 2010


Renee Bartolo - Flood inundation mapping of tropical river catchments in northern Australia using optical and ALOS-PALSAR data

Jason Barnetson - Wetland Mapping in Mountainous Terraine - A Hard Nut to Crack

Kaleem Ullah - Dynamics of Water Use through Multi-scale Water Accounting

Mahmood Khan - Geo-informatics based Intelligent Decision Support System for Efficient Irrigation Water Management

Yuot Alaak - Remotely sensed characterisation of diffuse discharge zones and evaporite minerals associated with the Great Artesian Basin




Gabriel Scarmana - Improving Image Quality: A technique for long distance earth-based objects

Mehdi Ravanbakhsh - Extraction of Traffic Islands via Active Contours without Edges

John Trinder - Combining Statistical and Neural classifiers using Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence for improved building detection

Mehdi Ravanbakhsh - Extraction of Complex Road Junctions from Aerial Imagery



Brendon McAtee - Utilising Remote Sensing in Biophysical Modelling for Biomass Estimation

Andries Potgieter - Characterising EVI time series by fitting parametric curves

Richard MacNeill - Bush Heritage Australia and the Planet Action program, generating and using remotely sensed information within a not-for-profit



Geoffrey Horn - Segementaion of multi temporal radar for wetland inventory

Kasper Johansen - Object-based image analysis of bank condition using airborne LiDAR and high spatial resolution image data in Victoria, Australia

Laurie Chisholm - Assessing heterogeneity of lantana camara along a density gradient using ecological ordination with an object-based approach

Norman Mueller - Extracting Landscape Features in Emergency Response Situations: Combining Fuzzy Logic and Gaussian Statistics in Object-Oriented Analysis

Tim Whiteside - Area-based validity assessment of single- and multi-class object-based image analysis



Chris Tweedie - Enterprise enabling your remote sensing archive

Rohan Coghlan - A comprehensive satellite archive to support the International Forest Carbon Initiative (IFCI)

Mat Wyatt - Metadata and Remote Sensing: National Developments and Opportunities

Adam Lewis - National Ground Control Point database: a new national data set for Australia



George Paltoglou - Advanced Methods for Sea Surface Temperatures and Cloud Identification from AVHRR HRPT Data

Mitchell Lyons - Mapping Bathymetry in Sub-tropical Shallow Coastal Waters using Quickbird Multispectral Satellite Data: Moreton Bay, Australia

Cate Simpson - Operational remote sensing for improved aquatic health assessments and reporting

Stephen Sagar - Examining the application of a physics-based shallow water bathymetry mapping methodology to ALOS AVNIR-2 multi-spectral data in the Great Barrier Reef

Medhavy Thankappan - Utilising remote sensing for offshore petroleum exploration: a developing capability at Geoscience Australia



Chris Bellman - Support Vector Machines in Remote Sensing: Lost in N-dimensional space?

Fuqin Li - A processing system for generating standard Nadir BRDF adjusted surface reflectance (NBAR) products for Landsat

Liam Gumley - Virtual Appliance for EOS Terra and Aqua Direct Broadcast Data Processing

Ghouse Mohamed - Evaluation of Perth city data of Indian Remote sensing Satellites to built Green Australia to meet the environmental and ecological challenges of 21st Century

Ali Alomran - Assessment of adequacy of DEM level-1 as a substitute for DEM level-2 for radiometric correction of satellite imagery for national land cover mapping of Saudi Arabia



Santosh Bhandari - Monitoring temporal trajectories and trend of foliage projective cover (FPC) in forest communities using Landsat image time series in Queensland

Jason Barnetson - Monitoring land condition using ArcGIS web based tools

Tim Danaher - High Resolution Monitoring of Woody Vegetation Change over New South Wales

Tony Gill - Obtaining standardised reflectance from medium spatial resolution satellite imagery for operational monitoring of land cover in QLD, NSW and NZ



Clare Paton-Walsh - Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Composition in Australia

Bertram Ostendorf - Economic viability and environmental sustainability in the Australian cropping zone

Rakhesh Devadas - Wireless sensor networks for in-situ image validation for water and nutrient management in broad acre wheat



Davina White - Mapping the spectral and spatial characteristics of mound spring wetland vegetation: A novel integrated hyperspectral approach

Enjie Jing - Evaluation of Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data for Shallow Water Bathymetry

Laurie Chisholm - Confounding effect of coal dust deposits on reflectance properties of oil-contaminated Rhizophora stylosa

Cameron Bowles - Results from Passive Stand-off Chemical Vapour Detection and Plume Monitoring using thermal Hyperspectral Technology

Kirrilly Pfitzner - The spectral reflectance of common artifical pseudoinvariant materials



Damian Carroll - The Accuracy of SPOTMaps on a Continental Scale

Rob Lees - Future continuity of the SPOT earth observation programme

Murthy Remilla - Resourcesat-2, the new mission in the IRS Constellation - Expanding Spaceborne Remote Sensing services for Natural Resources Management



Ken Clarke - Toward broadscale monitoring of soil erosion risk in southern Australia through relative spectral mixture analysis of MODIS imagery

Erika Lawley - Environmental zonation across the Australian arid region based on long term vegetation dynamics

Richard Lucas - The Injune Landscape Collaborative Project: An update on research activities

Li Guo - Land cover change detection using Landsat TM imagery of the 2009 Victorian bushfires



Rebecca Trevithick - The use of open source geospatial software within the Remote Sensing Centre, QLD

Liam Gumley - SatCam: An iPhone application for User-Driven Coordinated Satellite and Ground Observations

Kristen Thrum - Managing layer-upon-layer – an open-source approach to remote sensing data management

Mitchell Lyons - A Web Based Toolkit for Using Remote Sensing to Map and Monitor Terrestrial, Marine and Atmospheric Environments





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